Virtual Church at Lifehouse International

Join Reverend Nigel "Doc" Johnson as he speaks to the world about the complete life that everyone can live in Christ. The Reverend decided to include a virtual church service in his website for many reasons. First and formeost, The Reverend wanted people to be able to access his powerful sermons to their convenience, because he knows that many of us live and work with conflicting schedules. There are also some that can't make it to church, whether it is for illnesses or any other reason. Reverend Nigel's Virtual Church services will also soon be lived streamed every Sunday, giving you a chance to get the word as it is delivered directly from God.

The Reverend also thought that it was important to include a forum that would allow people to freely and openly discuss topics from our virtual church services. This is important because it allows people of like mind and faith to gather together and speak about their perspective on what was said in the sermon. The forum is open and available to anyone that enjoys open discussions online.

Stay tuned for our Broadcasts. They will inform you, inspire you, and fire you up to go and share the truths of God's word.